Instructor: Lorraine Piver
May 22
5 - 8pm
1 Session

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Join Lorraine to learn how to prepare local clams the Cape Cod. Students will learn the tricks to cooking the iconic clam chowder with fresh and local ingredients, including clams from local shellfisherman Jim O’Connell, who will be leading a clamming workshop earlier in the day (available at a discount for students taking both Clams 101 and Cooking with Clams). Her chowda is “old school” New England style and guaranteed not to be thick enough for a spoon to stand up in, though still perfectly rich and creamy. Lorraine will also introduce students to the often overlooked sea clam, teaching how to shuck, clean, and cook this sweet, mild, and meat filled variety. Bring your own wine/beer.

Lorraine Piver has been watching her Portuguese and Italian parents cook for her entire life. This dish was one of their specialties and she brings her passion for cooking fine food to this workshop. You may know Lorraine from previous culinary classes at Castle Hill as the assistant to the chefs. She can be found hard at work at the wood-fired pizza oven during our special events.