Steve Pyke, internationally known photographer and former staff portrait photographer at The New Yorker, will lead this workshop for beginner to intermediate photographers.  Steve will teach you the dynamics of portrait photography at Castle Hill workshop and the various angles from which you can approach any assignment. 

Steve will be choosing portrait assignments focused at Castle Hill and one outside location at the dunes near Provincetown

Also for the darkroom tuition make sure you have an analog camera and film. If you are also photographing digitally make sure to bring along your camera and charged batteries! 

A note from Steve:

Firstly I want to say there are no rights and wrongs to portraiture. I am a self taught photographer and so have learnt the hard way making my mistakes and indeed successes.  It’s important for you to experiment and above all make sure both you and your subject enjoy the experience. We are going to touch on the different elements I feel are important in portraiture; content, composition, facial expressions, approach, lighting, double portraiture and groups.