Instructor: Ed Crane
July 16 - 20
Monday - Friday
1 - 4pm
5 Sessions

In the woodblock style of the early Provincetown White-Line Masters, students will learn how to make color prints using only one block of wood. The class is comprehensive and covers all aspects of this fascinating printmaking technique. I will be sharing examples of my own white-line blocks and prints, as well as samples of other white-line artists past and present. There will be classroom demonstrations teaching students every step needed to create beautiful wood block prints. We will cover the selection of materials: wood and preparing its surface, types of paper one can use, how to register a print, drawing/ transferring your compositions to wood, and spend lots of time carving and mastering the “V” groove, i.e., the white line. You will learn basic watercolor techniques and their application to wood. We will review “pulling” more prints off a block and making limited editions.

White-line printing was developed in 1915 by B.J.O Nordfeldt, which later evolved into a collective called the Provincetown Printers. We will briefly survey the story, past and present, of Provincetown white-line artists. Other illustrious early woodblock masters include Oliver Chaffee, the modernist painter, Blanche Lazelle, Ethel Mars, Karl Knaths, and others.

Students should leave the class with 2-3 completed blocks, and as many prints they can “pull” from them.

Ed Crane exhibits his white-line prints at the Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown, previously exhibiting at the Schoolhouse and Provincetown Group galleries. In 2011 his white-line prints were included in a group show of contemporary white-line printers at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. He has taught white-line printing at the Yarmouth Art Guild, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, the Boston Living Center, and previously here at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. In 2005 and 2015, Ed’s white-line prints were featured to fundraise for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod. Ed regularly contributes his art for good causes.