Instructor: Kenneth Hawkey
July 16 - 20
Monday - Friday
1 - 4pm

5 Sessions

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This workshop is ideal for those starting out or for those who need help in learning to see, mix and apply realistic color. You will create an oil painting using a limited palette, but with full range result.  You will learn color theory and how to paint hue, value and intensity. The principles of design will also be covered, concentrating on the importance of composition, harmony, focal point, linear and atmospheric perspective, and proportion. The color matching process will require concentration and an accuracy in finding and seeing how light affects a subject: therefore, we will be working indoors where the light will remain steady as you study and transfer what you see.  

Kenneth Hawkey’s representational approach to painting makes familiar and even unfamiliar places accessible and comfortable, as well as allowing the viewer to easily relate to the work. After studying fine art at SUNY Geneseo, he worked as a graphic designer and in art marketing while concentrating on painting. Hawkey is represented by Larkin Gallery in Provincetown and Post Office Gallery in North Truro, where he presents a new series each year in a solo exhibit. He also participates with many collaborative organizations where he has won grants, exhibited his work and led workshops.