Jeff Shapiro, teabowl 2018.jpg

Instructor: Jeff Shapiro
July 16 - 20
Monday - Friday
9am - 1pm
5 Sessions

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This class is open to all levels. Jeff shapiro has developed ways of texturing and stretching the clay surface, which is then assembled to create asymmetric vessel forms. He will demonstrate the technique of working with soft clay, creating coils “on the go”, as the clay is applied to the desired form. Shapiro has lived and worked in Japan for 9 years and has become somewhat of a storyteller. Be prepared to hear anecdotes from his fascinating life experiences. Shapiro also encourages people to enter into discussion about the thought process of making and creating. All in all, it promises to be a very full and enriching session.

Jeff Shapiro has works in numerous prestigious museum and private collections, including the MFA in Boston, the Brooklyn Museum in NY, and the Everson Museum in Syracuse.
He has taught many workshops in countries around the world including Japan, Korea, Italy (where he has built 2 kilns and planning to build another next year), India, Bali, France, Germany, Holland, and a number of others.