Instructor: Anne Dinan
June 18 - 24
Monday - Friday
1pm - 4pm
5 Sessions

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Vitreous enamel is simply a thin layer of glass fused at high temperature onto the surface of a metal. In this class we will learn about all aspects of decals including: How to get great results with kiln-fired enamels, alternative techniques for manipulating decals, options for color, how to prepare photos for best outcome, torch fired with decals, troubleshooting, and finishing. Additionally, I will show you how to hand color using china paints, overglazes, transparent enamels, distort, layer and many other techniques that I have discovered from years of exploration with the medium. We will be using a kiln for this process, but your work can be torch fired as well.

Anne Dinan is an internationally recognized jewelry and visual artist and instructor who attended the School of Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. She studied welding, photography, and lithography and learned that it was metal that most interested her. After learning everything she could about metals, she turned to glass where she learned how to blow, cast, fuse, slump, and more. The natural progression of things led to vitreous enamels, which she has been exploring for over twenty years.