Instructor: Jennie Edgar
May 15
1 - 4pm
1 Session

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Join us for an adventure in all things pie! In this workshop, we'll learn how to make all-butter pie crust by hand and with a food processor, as well as how to prepare the filling, decorate the pie, and bake the pie to golden perfection. Each participant will leave the workshop with their own pie crust to take home, printed notes including recipes, and will have tasted a pie made by the collected effort of the participants. We can discuss many other things too: blind baking, gluten free crusts, the business of baking, and more. Pie is an art, a joy, and a necessity. Learn the skills to make a pie for any season for your family, your friends, and for yourself!

Jennie Edgar is the founder and baker for The Kindred Bakery where she makes pies and other baked goods using organic ingredients and alternative flours. You can find her at the Truro Farmers Market, and learn more by visiting www.thekindredbakery.com. Jennie lives in Truro with her family.