Instructor: Kenneth Hawkey
March 21 & 28, April 4 & 11
2 - 5pm
4 Sessions


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Painting small is a great way to hone or experiment with color skills, application, details, and subject matter, and it allows you to devote more time and energy to each painting.
We will work with oil or acrylic on small surfaces to create representational paintings over the 4 weeks. We will consider the application of the principles of design used in creating a larger painting, but will render them on a much smaller scale. All skills practiced can later be applied to purist miniatures or much larger works.

Kenneth Hawkey’s representational approach to painting makes familiar and even unfamiliar places accessible, comfortable, and allows the viewer to easily relate to the work. After studying fine art at SUNY Geneseo, he worked as a graphic designer and in art marketing while concentrating on painting. Hawkey is represented by Larkin Gallery in Provincetown and Post Office Gallery in North Truro where he presents a new series each year in a solo exhibit. He also participates with many collaborative organizations where he has won grants, exhibited, and led workshops.