Instructor: Christopher Volpe
July 17 - 21
9am - 12pm
5 sessions

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In this carefully structured workshop, we will go beyond imitation of nature to explore the expressive use of design, mark, and color. The first three days we’ll work en plein air and the final two will find us painting larger, more imaginative work in the studio, (e.g. 24” x 30” or larger) based on material gathered and refined over the previous days. It’s a chance to try some bold, adventurous painting that opens doors for future work. Our goal throughout will be to transpose authentic responses to experience. This class works for all skill levels, though previous experience is helpful.

Christopher Volpe is an artist, teacher, and writer whose work tends toward a sense of the poetic. Although academically trained as a poet, he discovered painting while teaching art history. He is a regular contributor to the magazine Art New England, and he has taught at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Chester College of New England, and Franklin Pierce University.