Instructor: Judy Motzkin
Sept 10 - 14
Mon - Fri
9am - 3pm

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Discover the intriguing serendipity of “flame-painting”--capturing the effects of smoke and fire in unglazed clay. Experiment with open air, sawdust, and saggar firing (using containers gas kiln). We will make vessels and saggars, apply terra-sigillata, burnish and bisque. Prepare and learn to use minerals and combustibles as we explore how clay meets fire on the spectrum from primitive to contemporary alternative firing methods. We set up the circumstances appropriate to the work we make to encourage accidents of fire that echo the random beauty of nature, learn from our results, and repeat. Experienced participants may bring pieces, burnished and bisque fired (^08 or lower). Open to all levels.

Judith Motzkin’s “flame-painted” vessels are in the collections of the Boston MFA, Fuller Museum, Crocker Art, Danforth, and Jingdezhen Ceramics Museums. Images of her work have been selected for covers of 500 Bowls, Best of Pottery, Crafts Report and Ceramics Monthly. Motzkin has taught widely including at Harvard, MIT, and in Jingdezhen China. Motzkin studied Asian Studies/Chinese at Cornell. She was founding director of CAOS open studios Cambridge, and curator of Smooth and Smoky. Judy  makes BreadPots for baking no knead bread, urns for ashes, sculpture and installations.