*Bee photograph by Michael Chute

*Bee photograph by Michael Chute

Instructor: Kalliope Chute
March 20 - 22
Tuesday - Thursday
1pm - 4pm
3 sessions

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In this workshop you will learn basic beekeeping: from buying bees, to installation and maintenance of the hive, to extraction and bottling. You’ll also learn how to integrate beekeeping and the development of your creative spirit. Together, we’ll site and set up a Langstroth hive at Edgewood Farm in Truro and install honeybees in the spring. You’ll have the opportunity throughout the spring, summer, and fall to manage the hive, including harvesting and utilizing wax, honey (hopefully), pollen, and propolis. You’ll also explore honey bees as inspiration through their history in art, myth, and legend. Honey bees have shown up on cave and temple walls, on cartouches and canvas, and in every art form from prehistory to modern days. Honey bees are inextricably linked and intertwined with religious and spiritual practices throughout recorded history in every corner of the globe. We will discover the artistic opportunities and home and beauty products that utilize honey bee by-products as well as how to plant a pollinator garden, and other ways to support honey bee health. Through poetry, painting, pottery, or the expression of your choice, the ancient art of beekeeping is guaranteed to stoke your creative genius!

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Kalliope is the president of Honeypot Hives, with hives in Provincetown and Barnstable, and is the beekeeper at Cape Cod Organic Farm. Kalliope serves on the Provincetown Board of Health, the Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force, is on the board of MassRecycle and the MassPSC, is the team leader for the Groundwater Guardians, and is a keeper at the Race Point Lighthouse. Kalliope is the Hazardous Materials Environmental Specialist for Barnstable County’s Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, where she manages the Hazardous Waste and Water Quality Program. She lives in Provincetown with her husband, Mike Chute, and daughter, Olivia Blackburne Rose.