3D Encaustic and Paper: A Perfect Fusing with Catherine Nash

Wednesday & Thursday, June 1 & 2
2 Sessions


Combine encaustic and paper to create unique waxed based sculptural, assemblage and mixed media works. We will specifically learn how to carefully glue Japanese mulberry paper to lashed wooden armatures and make them as tight as a drum. Encaustic can be used to lightly stain and strengthen the structure or it can completely envelop and encase the paper, creating a unique three dimensional forms. Learn how to fuse onto both convex and concave surfaces as we create structures that range in form from the organic to architectural. Stain, paint, embed, layer, stitch, crumple, fold, form and dip: Complete a series of small studio constructions that will inspire and ignite diverse sculptural ideas.

Catherine Nash is a visual artist and long time resident of Tucson, Arizona, who freely mixes media in her work to express her ideas. Having published four educational DVDs on the art of papermaking, Nash completed the writing of an e-book entitled Authentic Visual Voices. She is greatly honored by receiving the peer nominated and juried Lumies Artist 2015 award for Southern Arizona by the Tucson/Pima Arts Council. In 2015, she exhibited a retrospective of artist books at the Durango Center for the Arts in Colorado. Her work was invited into the International Biennial for Paper & Fibre Art and is currently traveling from the U.K to France and Taiwan and back to Switzerland.