Color and Paint with Richard Frumess

Wednesday & Thursday, June 1 & 2
2 sessions

Color theory is a standard subject in college level art classes. What is not frequently taught, however, is how the physical characteristics of color and paint underlie that theory.Whereas color theory is about color interaction, this 2-day hands-on workshop is about why a color is what it is. The focus will be on how the physical characteristics of pigment affect color mixing, how both ground, paint medium, and pigment all collaborate to produce different versions of the same color, what it is that makes one paint medium different from another, and why it is that different ways of manipulating paint (with emphasis on encaustic) produce different optical qualities.All of these are considerations that go into the manufacture of paint, so in a sense this is a backstage peek of the paint world.

Richard Frumess has been manufacturing encaustic commercially since 1982. In 1988 he founded R&F Handmade Paints. For the last several years he has been developing a series of comprehensive tests on the properties of encaustic paint – its lightfastness, adhesiveness, aging, and characteristics of raw materials. Many of these tests have never been carried out on a systematic basis until now. Richard has been working in collaboration with industry experts, conservators, and materials scientists.