Re-Enchantment with Fayum: Contemporary Portraiture in Encaustic with Lora Murphy

Tuesday, May 31
1 session

"We could not learn to read and write unless we learned the letters of the alphabet. The same principle applies to painting: unless you have knowledge of tools, materials and their functions, you will find it difficult to express your feelings". This Workshop will give you the confidence to try!

Many people would like to try Portraiture and/or Figurative painting in Encaustic but are unsure of where to start and how to proceed. This Workshop will take the mystery out of it. (But not the Magic!!). The step by step instruction will show you how to approach a portrait or figure, from the initial drawing to the final highlight. Working vertically on either canvas or panel, I will teach you how to use the hot palette to create luminous skin tones, how to accurately draw the head, how to interpret the light, halftone and shadow and how to paint the features. I will demonstrate the use of water based encaustic paint as one of the final steps in a portrait, creating very expressive passages and transitions.
This is a hands on course and while the focus is on contemporary portraiture, you will get an opportunity to try a variety of techniques. I trained at a traditional art atelier in Florence but i have been working in encaustic for over 10 years and i have adapted the traditional methods, to encaustic work. I am a firm believer in knowing the rules of painting and once you know them, breaking them as you wish!
Drawing is key and with step by step instruction you will be able to make sense of the somewhat complicated territory of building a portrait in encaustic; a wonderfully expressive and creative material.
Other topics covered will include safety, history, properties of pigments and different waxes, making your own supplies, texture and mark making, embedding and transfers, fusing, supports and what you need to do to work on canvas. (IF You wish to) you will get a wealth of information on what will work with encaustic.
All materials are supplied, plus a selection of pigments, oil bars, altered papers, pencils and other mark making tools for wax, pastels, metal leaf, paper and wood supports and traditionally prepared canvas. (Hide gesso with mica)

Lora Murphy began her art studies in Ireland, where she received a Bachelors in European Painting. She then went on to train as a painter at a traditional Atelier School in Florence, Italy. This was later followed by a Masters in Art Therapy and Jungian Psychology. Her practice was transformed in 2006, when she discovered Encaustic, and she now paints almost exclusively in that medium, focusing on Portraiture and Figurative work. She lives in Denmark and exhibits and teaches in Europe and USA.