CARBON Lab: Experimenting with Graphite and Other Carbon-based Materials and Encaustic with Paula Roland

Tuesday, May 31 - Thursday, June 2
3 sessions

Back again by popular demand, and now three days long! Paula Roland provides an exploratory workshop using carbon-based art materials including graphite, India ink, and oil paint stick. The workshop consists of encaustic painting, drawing, and encaustic monotype, individually, or freely combined and layered. Through up-close demos and hands-on experience, we will experiment with direct application of graphite powder, liquefied powdered graphite used as paint, and graphite mixed with wax for encaustic monotype and painting. Experiments in fusing with heat lamps and other devices will reveal special effects. Additional techniques include dry-rub stencils, ink migration, transferred rubbings, and meaningful mark-making with alternative tools. You are encouraged to be inventive and develop outside-the-box thinking! A slide presentation and discussion will address artists using carbon and carbon’s historical and environmental implications, thus providing a context for your experiments and inspiring ways to incorporate this work in your studio practice.

Paula Roland, MFA, pioneered the little-known Encaustic Monotype process in 1997 and has since brought it to wide popularity. Roland’s works are held in many collections including the American Embassies in Uganda and South Africa. Paula received an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and numerous residency fellowships. Her recent works are featured in Surface Design Journal’s Wax and Fiber Issue, winter, 2015. She manufactures the Roland HOTbox for professional printing with encaustic and produced an instructional DVD for Encaustic Monotypes. A nine-time invited presenter at the International Encaustic Conference, Roland has decades of experience teaching art at all levels. Her works are included in numerous books and articles on encaustic, experimental printmaking, and installation.